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Այն օրը, երբ…

[That day when...]

Text by Hasmig Chahinian, illustrations by David Pintor

Dzovinar has finally decided what she will become when she grows up: a « traveller-teller », and it doesn’t matter if no one knows what this job is … It is absolutely clear she will never become a hairdresser, because she had to cut her friend Lory’s hair and the outcome was surprising… She could also be a cycling instructor; after all, she was the one who taught her little sister, Patyl how, to ride a bicycle. And Patyl has always weird ideas, she wants to teach her teddy bear how to swim in the sea, she wants to jump into the bathtub filled with water with Arsho, her doll… It’s a good thing Dzovinar is always there to get her out of trouble… Dzovinar sometimes thinks that her life would surely be easier if her little sister wasn’t around… But it probably wouldn't be as interesting!

The adventures of Dzovinar, Patyl and their friends in eight illustrated short stories.

12,5 x 19 cm, paperback
72 pages in colours
ISBN 978-2-9542615-1-5
Price: 11 €

Text in Western Armenian